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#2 | office skirt

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// An office skirt in the wild. While this skirt was born an office skirt, it feels quite at home among the trees too as you can see. I took it for a countryside walk on a Sunday for a test-drive of sorts. Climbing hills proved a bit hard, resulting in bit of a duck-like gait. Well. (I wore it to the office the following day & it held up fine there too.)

Pictures by Els

I have a feeling there will be many other versions of this skirt. It has the simplest lines & will probably work with a lot of different fabrics (I see a pinstriped version in the near future). Apart from the back split, it is also the simplest skirt to make. I'd never done a lined back split before, so a bit of research (read: Youtube'ing) was in order. I ultimately found a tutorial which explained it all very clearly, so that was sorted. Well, not exactly sorted. Let's just say the seam ripper made a repeat performance. It all worked out in the end though.

Another first was making muslin before starting on the actual fabric. I get the feeling that a lot of sewists make a muslin of a pattern first, I hardly ever do that for something as seemingly simple as a skirt. A lot of my past projects turned out fine but without a good fit as a result. So I decided to give the muslin a go for this skirt. Just to see whether it worked. I have to admit the extra time put in definitely paid off: there were hardly any alterations to be made after sewing up the actual skirt! Win-win.

The only trouble I had was that after after attaching the lining to the shell, the lining turned out to be a bit to small for the shell, resulting in a bunched up split. Not pretty. After letting out the lining a bit around the zipper, there's no bunching no more. Rookie mistake, I think. I drafted the lining myself (or more like copied the skirt's shell), so maybe should have added a bit more give.

By the way: can you believe the inspiration for this skirt was this skirt? Must be the fabric, there's nothing flared to the end product at all. I might make a flared version this summer though, maybe using Colette's Zinnia pattern in a flowy fabric?

Skirt details:

Pattern 117 03/2013 from BurdaStyle magazine

Size EU 42

Fabric wool plaid and a dark blue bemberg silk (lining), both from De Boerenbonthal

Notions apart from the zipper just the regular needle, thread & interfacing

Alterations/Changes I added a lining using the same pattern as the shell and interfaced the waistband. The zipper was originally to the side, but side-zippers aren't my thing, so the zipper is now center-back. 


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#1 | camber shirt

Merchant & Mills, shirtHilde3 Comments

// I'm feeling quite the explorer going into uncharted territory. I wouldn't have realised that there are so many sewing blogs out there some three months ago. I've unearthed a great many blogs already, but it still feels like the tip of the iceberg. Looking at other people's makes, left me with a itch to start sewing again. So I did. This shirt is only the beginning.

Over time I have collected quite a stash of fabric. Fabrics as a souvenir for travels, fabrics from random shops, leftover fabrics, and so on. Resisting to buy fabric is a lost cause, you know? So I mostly give in. But now, the stash needs diminishing. 

First up: the Camber Shirt from Merchant & Mills I got last year when on a blitz-trip to the UK. Simple & straightforward, that's how I like my clothes. The pattern is an easy one, I finished within the day if I remember correctly. Cutting and all included. 

I am still a bit afraid of altering patterns (part what-will-happen-and-will-I-like-it, part time shortage), but the shoulders on the shirt could have been a bit narrower. Or I could have sized down altogether. For summer, I will be trying the dress version of the pattern, I will try my hand at narrowing the shoulders then.

I picture myself wearing this shirt in Kenya driving across the plains in search of wildlife. Or eating mangoes on the beach. It's that kinda shirt. It only needs a straw hat (& shorts of course, one shouldn't go pant-less in public). 

[Please bear with me while I practise my modelling skills. Lots and lots to be done...]

Pattern Camber Set from Merchant & Mills

Fabric a blue-white striped linen from Merchant & Mills

Size 14

Alterations none, will narrow the shoulders a bit on the next one.

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// Welcome! I am hopping on the sewing blog band wagon! It's time. No particular reason really, apart from that it seems nice to be able to share my makes with the greater (interweb)world. 

I am by no means a master seamstress, I am learning by doing (and by following tutorials...). The very first thing I made was a dress for my teddy bear (he was cold) when I was about 8 years of age. Since then I have sewn on and off; great periods of nothing alternated by periods of doing nothing else other than sewing. Let's try to spread the 'workload' a little, shall we?

(I like the outdoors a great deal too, it might feature here as well. Dunno yet.)

You are most welcome to hop along! Let's go!

- Hilde 

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