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#1 | camber shirt

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// I'm feeling quite the explorer going into uncharted territory. I wouldn't have realised that there are so many sewing blogs out there some three months ago. I've unearthed a great many blogs already, but it still feels like the tip of the iceberg. Looking at other people's makes, left me with a itch to start sewing again. So I did. This shirt is only the beginning.

Over time I have collected quite a stash of fabric. Fabrics as a souvenir for travels, fabrics from random shops, leftover fabrics, and so on. Resisting to buy fabric is a lost cause, you know? So I mostly give in. But now, the stash needs diminishing. 

First up: the Camber Shirt from Merchant & Mills I got last year when on a blitz-trip to the UK. Simple & straightforward, that's how I like my clothes. The pattern is an easy one, I finished within the day if I remember correctly. Cutting and all included. 

I am still a bit afraid of altering patterns (part what-will-happen-and-will-I-like-it, part time shortage), but the shoulders on the shirt could have been a bit narrower. Or I could have sized down altogether. For summer, I will be trying the dress version of the pattern, I will try my hand at narrowing the shoulders then.

I picture myself wearing this shirt in Kenya driving across the plains in search of wildlife. Or eating mangoes on the beach. It's that kinda shirt. It only needs a straw hat (& shorts of course, one shouldn't go pant-less in public). 

[Please bear with me while I practise my modelling skills. Lots and lots to be done...]

Pattern Camber Set from Merchant & Mills

Fabric a blue-white striped linen from Merchant & Mills

Size 14

Alterations none, will narrow the shoulders a bit on the next one.

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