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// What better way to blow new life into this here blog than with a list of things to make? Enter #2017makenine, a hashtag set up by Rochelle from Lucky Lucille. It's quite self-explanatory: you pick nine projects and you make them in 2017. Sounds straightforward enough, right? Let's find out how it goes, sewing plans always seem to have a mind of its own.


I posted this list a couple of days ago on Instagram, but why not here again +  a bit more details on the what and how.

// 1. A velvet bomber jacket. Good options are the Bobbi Bomber from StyleArc or the Sport-Luxe Bomber from The Makers Atelier. I think a bomber jacket would be great for early spring.

// 2. A proper bra. I have made the Watson Bra in the past and wear it on the weekends. As it doesn't offer a lot of support, I'd like to try a bra pattern with underwire and all the works. Have read some reviews but haven't decided on what pattern to use yet. The colour combo shown here is lovely.

// 3. Morgan Jeans from Closet Case Patterns. I have the denim kit from when the pattern launched, so I am all set to get started. Bit anxious as I have never sewn jeans before, we'll see how it goes!

// 4. V1501 in a slinky blue fabric, 'cause chic. No shoulder pads though.

// 5. A knit project: Spearheads sweater from Brooklyn Tweed. I am currently knitting the Bellows cardigan from BT, only 1 sleeve and the collar to go. If I start knitting this early I am certain I can wear it next winter #fingerscrossed.

// 6. A wrap skirt for summer. No pattern in mind as of yet, I'd like to make this out of tencel or something similar. Not sure this length will suit me, but I like it.

// 7. Another wrap thing: a wrap blouse. Again, I would like this to be a bit chic, so I can wear it whenever I feel like dressing up for work.

// 8. An easy day dress, maybe the Cami dress from Pauline Alice. Dresses are lovely to wear, but I somehow hardly make them. I have loads of Burda magazines that I hardly make anything out of,, I should check those. Would like to make the dress in a Liberty fabric, but nothing too girly.

// 9. A quilt. Having only made one before - and that was more of a patchwork quilt - I am thinking something simple, like the one shown here. Maybe try a tiny quilt first.

And that's my #2017makenine-list. I like this list a lot and all the pieces would be great additions to my current wardrobe. Of course there will be loads of other things that will be sewn, like t-shirts. I will probably come across patterns that I will need to MAKE RIGHT THAT MOMENT. So be it.

Keep you posted!